Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films

Made in the USA

MIRWEC Film, Inc. is the last American capacitor film manufacturer left in the US striving to maintain "Made in the USA."

BOPP Film / Capacitor Film

Mirwec Film Inc. manufactures biaxially-oriented polypropylene film, which is primarily used in high voltage power capacitors. The film is manufactured in a HEPA filtered production area to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

Bubble Process

The film is manufactured by the bubble process using highly purified polypropylene resin. Thickness variation and surface roughness is randomized over 360 degrees utilizing turntable rotation of the film machine. Our unique process allows us to increase or decrease the space factor according to customer specifications.

Film Slitters

Film is converted using state of the art slitting machines. Any film thickness can be converted to a specific width and length per customer specification. (inch or metric) This slitter is capable of producing from 10.0 to 24 inches.

If required a secondary slitter can be used to convert to widths of 1.0 to 10.0 inches. All converting is performed in HEPA filtered environment.

Converting Services

Mirwec is offering converting services to customers that want to convert from mill rolls or master rolls. Mirwec can handle mill rolls up to 64 inch width 24 inch diameter on 6 inch ID cores. Master rolls may be supplied up to 24 inch width 12 inch diameter on 3 inch ID cores. Rolls can be converted to any width or length customer specifies. (inch or metric) Finished rolls would be supplied on 3 inch ID diameter cores. Converting would be done on a wide width or narrow width slitter in a HEPA filtered environment.

  • bubble machine core
    Biaxially-Oriented Bubble

The process of making BOPP flim begins by converting polypropylene resin to high-quality film, then slitting the film rolls to the desired specifications.

  • plastic pellets
    Resin Loader
  • bubble machine
    BOPP Film Machine
  • film rolls
    PP Films
  • film slitter
    Large Slitter
  • film slitter
    Small Slitter (back)
  • film slitter
    Small Slitter (front)
  • film rolls
    PP films ready to ship

Properties of BOPLON®

BOPLON® film has many important properties that can categorized into three basic areas:

Physical Properties:
Film thickness by weight or micrometer, density and space factor (% surface alteration)

Mechanical Properties:
Heat shrinkage at 100 or 120 °C, tensile strength and elongation at break

Electrical Properties:
Breakdown voltage, volume resistivity and dissipation factor