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MIRWEC Film is the only coating facility in the US that offers both Test Coating / Toll Coating and custom manufacture of precision thin coating machines.

MIRWEC Film offers unparalleled, high quality thin and uniform coating service to North and South American customers. We have 33 years of experience building world leading precision thin film coating machines in Japan and 27 years of test coating experience at our sister company, Labo Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Your coating needs

You already know Yasui Seiki makes the highest quality precision thin film coating machines in the world. Why not begin your test coating using Yasui Seiki coaters?

We will work with you to get your parameters set, and once your application completes the test coating phase, you can either move onto our toll coating services and let us help you with production, or let us build a custom coating machine for you.

Our coating process is simple

  1. Most customers begin with a Test Coating phase to determine the best method of production for their project needs.
  2. Once your R&D stage is complete, move onto our Toll Coating services to complete your project.
  3. Or, do need a machine locally? Let us custom build a production coating machine for you. Contact us.

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Getting started

Please gather these specifications and contact us:

  • Type of coating solution and solvents
  • Type of substrate (web)
  • Target coating thickness (dry and wet)
  • Coating width
  • Substrate thickness
  • Substrate width
  • Viscosity of solution



812-331-7194 ext. 110 or 108