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Our coating service now includes free consultation with one of the most experienced coating engineers from Japan (Labo, Co., Ltd.). For nearly two decades, many major corporations and universities in Japan have relied on Takeshi Chakihara for his expertise in precision coating. Most recently, Takeshi was an active member in Tokyo Institute of Technology's fabrication of a smart membrane for pharmaceutical applications.

Takeshi Chakihara

Takeshi Chakihara

Material Scientist, M.S. in Material Science and Engineering, Nagasaki University.

Takeshi has served as the R&D Coating Director at Labo Co., Ltd., Yasui Seiki’s R&D Coating Center in Japan, for 20 years. Labo was the first test coating center to open in Japan nearly 40 years ago and is known for its state-of-the-art coating facility. Labo specializes in contract coating and R&D for major corporations in electronics in Japan, Taiwan and China. He oversaw many of these contracts as the lead material scientist and coating engineer. He has extensive coating experience in next generation battery coating, Li-ion battery components, optical coatings, and printed electronics. Takeshi has helped numerous Japanese corporations solve their roll-to-roll coating problems, and has contributed to the successful coating of applications that were considered impossible.

Pending Japanese Patents

  • P2016-185670A: "Heat Resistant film"
  • P2016-88059A: "Double-Layered PP Film and the Manufacturing Method of the Same."
  • P2016-87869A: "Thin Film Component of a Functional Material, its Layered Form, and the Manufacturing Method of the Same."
  • P2002-331769A: "Heat Transfer Stencil Printing Paper and the Manufacturing Method of the Same."